August 2019

Meet your new personal self-learning bathroom assistant.

Never run out of your toiletries or beauty products and ensure you get the best deals when ordering refills.

Meet your new personal assistant that automates and simplifies a lot around your everyday shopping. Never again will you run out on your toiletries or beauty products when you need them the most. "SVEN: Your Bathroom Assistant" will learn what you need and tell you when it’s time to easily order a refill from within the app. Not only that, SVEN will also help you find the best deals on your products.

Have you ever run out of shampoo, conditioner, hair gel or other beauty products? Would you prefer always having the products you need, without needing to have a large stock of each item at home? There’s a better way to use your time and money.

SVEN keeps track of when you need to order refills of your product, to ensure you get them before you run out. SVEN will learn to predict your needs, as well as help you find the best deal on your refills.

In the end, SVEN will save you time as well as money.

–Not all shopping is fun or easy to do at the right time. SVEN is built to simplify the everyday life for its users and make sure they get the most out of their purchases, says creator Kristofer Sommestad, seasoned in the software industry.

All you need to do is download SVEN and select which products to monitor.

It’s super easy to get going with the SVEN app. Download it on the iOS App Store and get started with simplifying your everyday life.

Meeting SVEN
SVEN: Welcome
Adding a product
SVEN: Adding a product
Product overview
SVEN: Product overview